Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Songs to be sung at my funeral

I know, morbid, right? But, really - during one ofmy long runs a few weeks ago I was listening to Phil Wickham "Heaven Song" and screamed to Tay above the music blaring in my ears from the headphones, "I want this song sung at my funeral, okay?! Thanks!" Then went back to running while playing the air drums and not even caring that I may be using extra energy that should be reserved for the remaining miles!

I have had that thought about 2 other songs in life:
Chris Rice "Hallelujahs" 
Stuart Townend "How Deep The Father's Love"

So, even though I'm still around, please enjoy these songs yourselves! And, just in case Tay forgets, you can now remind him when the time comes that these were my selections "okay?! Thanks!"


(Sometimes these videos can take away from the beauty, so, minimize it when it pops up and enjoy!)

Phil Whickham Heaven Song
Chris Rice Hallelujahs
Stuart Townend How Deep The Father's Love for Us

Other songs that I jam to while running (which speaking of running, I technically should be doing that very thing at this moment, but, instead, im sitting on my couch with my laptop blogging about running :) oh the irony!)
Kristian Stanfill "Lord Almighty"Taylor Swift "Mean"Dave Barnes "Crazyboutya Baby"Pat McGee "Rebecca" and "Who Stole Her From Heaven"Owl City "Fireflies"Backstreet Boys "Poster Girl"Kelly Clarkson "My Life would suck without you"
and Speaking of Africaoh wait, we weren't really, but, now that we are :) TAY LEAVES THURSDAY!So, go on an buy yourself a shirt! only sizes M and L left!TRUST ME you want one!And if you want to follow the trip's blog - here it is!Also, did I mention my dad and brother in law are going?! How awesome is that?
And, Daye was sick this weekend - not sure what it was, Dr seems to think a virus - had the scary throw ups Friday night and then again on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully we are now in the clear and on the road to feeling back to normal! Thankful for access to Dr's in the wee hours of the night or at anytime for that matter - we are blessed!

for your viewing pleasure:
"hey ma, I'll come and get ya"

"see, told ya I could. Give me that camra!"


  1. This is Tay cause I always read the blogs while you're logged in...I laughed out loud several times. Sal you are a great writer and I appreciate that you are letting your true self come through. You are a beautiful person. Being a Dad has made me more reflective. God is so good. I love those pictures and there aren't words to express how much I love my family. It's unbelievable and everyone keeps telling us it gets better...but it can't. My heart is full. I am excited to see God at work in Kenya.

  2. I love that you listen to Pat McGee band, especially "Rebecca". I never knew anyone else that listened to them! Love it! And love me some Phil Wickham.

  3. Sally, this was hysterical!!! Taylor, I'm glad you love and appreciate your wife so much. She does eloquently write about how much she adores her family all the time. Go on some more date nights soon!