Monday, October 24, 2011

With our hubbys being in Africa (oh how my soul longs to be there too!) all the wives and kiddos got together for the weekend. 

We went to Taqueria Del Sol Thursday night, 

Aubs, this is for you! notice the shirt and sweater!

to the Aquarium Friday morning,

then to Highland Bakery for lunch . . . mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

We rolled our own sushi for supper once the kids went to sleep and sat around the table reminiscing about how loud Mama used to sing in church!

Saturday we walked up to the Sandy Springs market and then to Cotton Candy Consignment. 
Later that evening Mama and I worked at my Aunt Peggy's Art Show while Joby kept the kids (thanks sifter!)
(I call her sifter because in college I was making a pound cake for the first time and got to the part in the recipe where it tells you to sift the flour. I called my mom in a panic and the moment she picked up the phone I said exasperated, "Do I have to have a sifter?!" she had no idea what I was referring and said, "I'm sorry, what?" 
"Do I have to have a sifter?!"
"What happened Sal? Is everything ok?"
"Fine, but DO I HAVE TO HAVE A SIFTER?!??!?!"
"Did she do something that hurt your feelings? What happened?"
"NO - not SISTER, SIFTER! Do I have to have a SIFTER to make this pound cake!?"
I was so disgruntled with myself for not reading all the directions before I began baking that when I called her I didn't take the time to tell her what I was doing - I just needed a quick reply.
She, however, was caught so off guard and at the end of it so relieved to know that everything was ok with me and my sister and that something hadn't happened to make me ask the question, "Do I have to have a sister?!" that she just did a big old belly laugh and hung up to call Joby to tell her all about it! 
From that moment on, we started calling each other "sifter". You can see it on my sister's phone - when she calls me she is calling the name "sifter".)

ANYWAYS - (maybe I should change the title of this to Next on the list: explain how Mama got the name Eecie . . . well, maybe not that one :)

Sunday we went to church and took the kids to Waumba Land. I was so relieved to drop Beau off to Cassie and Alex! Made the transition in a new place much easier for him!
We ate lunch at "Welcome to Moes!" (Beau says that to them when we walk in because he and sifter visit Moes about 4 times a week in Greenwood). 
Then took the kids to Aunt Peggy's house to see them once more before they headed back to Greenwood.

 Sheesh! It was a crazy jam packed awesomely fun weekend!
And, we heard from the hubbys and they are doing GREAT in Kenya! You can read about their trip HERE. My favorite parts from today's post:

In all the churches, tambourines, drums, and dancing were the order of the day.  When the offering came, everyone gave something despite their poverty.  And those who had no money would give a food item, such as an egg, which would then be auctioned at the end of the service so that the church was able to convert the item to money. 

They taught them the basics of American baseball with the ever popular “wiffle ball” approach.  The men of Ngaamba LOVED IT!  They had never played anything like it before.  The game went on for at least an hour and right up to the time that the team had to leave for the hotel.  It was a bighit.  It went so well that even Abraham, our team’s in country guide, said that he had never seen the men of the community interact with each other this way before.

ahhhhh, take me to Africa! Something about it . . . the rawness of simplicity that draws you to Jesus in the most glorifying way!

And just another shot in those precious zebra tights while Daddy is in Africa! (thanks Alaina!)


  1. Oh my word, the red sweater outfit and zebra tights might be the cutest thing ever!!! I meant to text you yesterday--we LOVED having Beau in our classroom--what a sweet, sweet boy! I can see why y'all love him so much!!!!!! He was too cute! Glad y'all had such a fun weekend!

  2. aw i love this post! i love that you made sushi and that the story of why you call your sister sifter and those tights.... LOVE them!

  3. look at that little bundle of goodness and sugar all dressed up

  4. I was at that art show! And I bought a great painting! Sorry to not have seen you!

  5. "maybe I should change the title of this to "

    BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Love it. Sounds like a fun weekend!