Thursday, January 19, 2012

100 Atlanta Dishes to eat before you die

Have you seen this list?

I had my first dish on Tuesday at West Egg Cafe. It was the fried egg sandwich. Not just any fried egg sandwich, so, truly worthy of being included on this list! It was 2 hearty fried eggs (hopefully they weren't hearty because they were genetically modified - eww), bacon, arugula, tomato, some sort of spread and toasty-not-too-hard-cut-the-roof-of-your-mouth-bread. mmm, mmm, mmm! 
(And yes those are gerber puffs in the background!)

Mama got the fried green tomato sandwich . . . also delectable but I still think we both liked the fried egg sandwich best. 

And an added bonus?

In the car on the way there I had a kairos moment where time seemed to stand a little still while the world swirled around us. I cherished it. Daye and I were driving on our way to meet Eecie for lunch. But on the way there, on 75 South before we got off at Howell Mill Rd I reached my arm over the ledge of the car seat and placed my hand around Daye's fist which was gripping her lovey as she stuffed it into her mouth (her soothing technique that could quite possibly be a serious suffocating hazard). Then she moved her hand around until she had my pointer finger grasped. 
And I smiled. 
And I sighed. 
And I said, "Thank you Jesus for this moment."
And she just held my finger for the next mile and a half right before I turned into the parking garage. She would occasionally move her thumb back and forth as if giving the gesture, "I love you. I am calm when I hold your hand. Let's just rest here a bit." (Or maybe that's what I was saying to her and hoping she was experiencing).
I think it was one of those things that seems so dreamy when you see it on a commercial or read about it from another mom or even picture it happening while you are pregnant - and then when it happens, there is no serene tear-coaxing-music playing in the background, or ray of warm light shining in on the caps of our heads, it is just Daye and me and this exchange that only the two of us know about and it is intimate and it is real and it is revered. (And then I share it here and it's not just something the two of us know about anymore . . . hmmmm, interesting :)

A few pics from our Target outing yesterday

And this one which makes me smile too. . . Pigtails and Ponytails . . . can't get enough!

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