Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Pal Brooks

(This is intended to be read in Daye's voice)

Hey Guys! Brooks and I have play dates together regularly. It's great cause we live in the same neighborhood just a street and a half over. So, when my mom needs to run an errand or when his mom needs to get her haircut or when my mom meets with someone or when his mom substitute teaches, they drop us off at each other's houses. . . And we play!

D: You're here again?
B: Yeah, Daye! My mom didn't even have to drop me off . . . I came straight from Heaven this time.
D: Yessss! You dropped something. Gimmne Gimme Gimme!
B: Please don't take my yellow "D"! I accidently dropped it.
D: Hey Brooks, did you see this? It goes on your wrist and rattles.
B: Yeah, I played with that earlier. I'm just glad I got that yellow letter back from you. 

B: Oh Hey Daye! I'm so excited to be back playing with you today!
D: Me too Brooks! Let's both flap our arms up and down to show my mom how much we love this!
D: Want to play with this puzzle? It's really cool
B: Sure, let me just crawl over there and see. . . Oh, yeah! This is farm animals. I LOVE farm animals.
D: Me too, Brooks! My dad reads Animal Sounds to me every night and I LOVE it! He's best at the Owl!

D: Man this wood tastes good. At least I can still get some somewhere - my mom covered it on my crib. 
B: Hey, Mrs. S! Whada ya say you let us outta here? It's like we're at a petting zoo or something. Only we're the animals. See, there's an animal creeping around behind us!

D: Ummmmmmmm, what are you doing?
B: If I just lean in like this . . . "Hey pretty girl!"


  1. her face in the very first picture may be my favorite ever!

  2. love it! Brooks tells me that Daye is his favorite play date ever!

  3. Sal, I love this and I love your quirkiness. Watching you be a mom is such a blessing! Tay

  4. Oh my goodness! Her pigtails look awesome! You are so funny!