Thursday, January 12, 2012

You and Ellen


I post a lot of pictures

and mostly of this girl


that's just the way it is these days

I went to visit a friend

she just had a baby

a preemie

her baby is beyond beautiful

she is precious

she's an angel

and so delicate

and tiny

and a reminder of the miracle each life is

take that in a moment

. . .

each life.



your life.


you are a miracle.

you are a precious child.

you are dearly loved.

by the Greatest.

. . .

I have quickly become prey to the most delightful enticement


its called Momastery


its hilarious (as Ellen says it - she's got an extra accent in there when she says the word, "hill-AIR-ious"
She's certain of two things
(the Momastery Girl, not Ellen)
(although I do pray right now, that Ellen would come to know and believe these things too)
(cause I really do love Ellen)
(she's "Hill-AIR-ious")
(and she's kind)
but back to those two things the Momastery Girl is certain of, and of which I am too:

1.      I am God’s beloved child.
2.      So is everyone else.

So this girl

you see lots of

she's one of God's beloved children

and so is everyone else.
so that means

so are you.

You are one of God's beloved children.

and so is Ellen


  1. omg, so so beyond adorable! : ) We love Ellen too!

  2. She is getting SO BIG and she is just beautiful!!!