Saturday, January 14, 2012


Ok, so, some of the posts I do are a little strange. Like this onethis one or that one and that one. They just don't seem to always flow or make sense, or you find yourself having to scroll back to the top to realize,
"oh, so, she's pretending Daye is speaking"
"oh, so, this is one where Daye is not speaking"
"oh, these pictures have nothing to do with what she is typing"
or . . .
you get the idea.


Sometimes things make sense in my head and then when I type them out and even read them back to myself they still make sense to me.
But then Another Person can be reading it while sitting next to you and can make you realize what everyone else probably did when they started reading it . . .
And I observe and reflect to the Other Person, "Oh, guess that is a little confusing, huh?"
And then the Other Person responds, "Um, well, some of your posts are kinda strange sometimes. But it's ok! It's your blog! Nice to have an outlet where you can do what you please!"

And I think, "Yeah! That's right! I don't have to explain myself!"
And then when I keep thinking about what the Other Person said I ask myself, "Wait, did he say, 'some of your posts are kinda strange . . .?' EEEK!"

So maybe I need to come up with a code so you'll know before you start reading WHO you should be "hearing" (ie read in Daye's voice or read in mine)
And maybe I'll need to come up with another code so you'll know before you start reading whether or not the pictures have anything to do with the commentary.

Or maybe codes would be too confusing and too annoying

Let's just say I'm going to try and make things a little more clear in future posts
but let's also just remember what the Other Person suggested, "it's ok. it's my blog - and its nice to have an outlet where I can do what I please . . . even though it can be strange sometimes." 

*The Other Person is on the right


  1. Bahaha this is hilarious! i have never thought that i love your blog :) you crack me up!

  2. I agree, I've NEVER thought it was confusing or strange. It makes total sense to me, but I too have mommy brain! : ) I think it allows us to understand complexity while multitasking. Your blog is great!!!

  3. Haha we all have to let our "strange" out somewhere. Better to be "strange" on your blog than in the checkout line of the grocery store... the cashier would get really confused.

    1. Y'all are very kind and I appreciate the encouragement! I do hope that readers know that I adore The Other Person greatly and this was just a little raggin on him in the most loving way! And I know he's my biggest fan :)