Thursday, March 15, 2012

11 months

(Daye's voice)

I'm getting older my mom tells me

she is excited though

because it's so nice out

and now that im getting older

i'll get to enjoy the outside on a whole new level

we've already been on lots of walks

and to the swing

and she puts up this gate in our doorway so the sunshine can flood in

so phelps and i can observe nature

but anyway . . .


  1. too cute, I can't even stand it! Brooks is one lucky boy to hang out with such a cute little girl!

  2. You like the sunshine to flood in? Shocking, its those warm tones!

    1. hehehehehehe :)
      did you see Hugo? it had amazing warm tones . . . added it to my list of movies i will definitely watch again due to the lighting :) love you beccs!