Friday, March 23, 2012


this has been rumbling in my mind over the last week or so and I'm still having trouble putting into words as clear as when it was spoken over me, but, I'll give it a shot

(another thing I learned from counseling)
As you may have learned here, I am someone who fears . . .

When gripped with fear of not wanting to end up in an undesired plight I can remember waltzing into a session with such determination, sitting tall and on the edge of the seat with one hand firmly pounding on the other palm saying,
"Ok, tell me what boundaries to put in place, tell me what conversations to have, tell me what hard things to tackle so this doesn't happen. Come on, let's go. Give it to me!"

My counselor's response was such a critical moment in my life,
"I just want to pause for a moment. 
I want to clothe this conversation in Grace and Love.
Grace and Love.
Grace and Love. 
I hear where you are coming from, Sally. 
I understand your longing to preserve, to protect, to avoid, to run in a certain direction.
Because, yes, it is true that if you want to end up somewhere you've got to be on a path that leads to it.
you have a choice to run towards your destination because (a) you are driven by Grace and Love
or because (b) you are driven by fear. 
My hope for you is that you would run in that direction because you want to taste the abundance God has offered you not because you are trying to avoid affliction."


I could be motivated by Grace and Love
I could be motivated by fear

Both could potentially get me what I "wanted"
Both could be an opportunity to experience John 10:10, "The theif's purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy; but my purpose, Sally, is to give you a rich and satisfying life."

I read something yesterday that said it another way,
"Transformation requires us to receive the gospel not do more. Doing more is law (legalism) and will lead to condemnation and frustration. Responding to the gospel is grace. We still have to act, but responding to Christ is life-giving and fruitful."

He wants to give you good things because He is a Good Father.
Run to receive them in confidence because He wants to graciously give them to you.

Grace and Love
Grace and Love
Grace and Love

and now for some words from Daye
as soon as you finish taking these pictures i will eat this leaf

uh daddy?

these days i take a few steps on my own sometimes, but almost all the time i stick my tongue out to soothe these toofs coming in


would you people PLEASE stop trying to make me walk!

aaah that's better


  1. beautiful post sal. and precious pics of sweet daye. love you!

  2. Look at that super sweet girl! And yes, He is all grace and love isn't He!

  3. I love your Love and Grace that you share on your blog. You are such an eager person, I enjoy reading your blog all the time!