Friday, March 9, 2012


I've been overwhelmed 
with gratitude
for being in a phase
of joy

I've noticed
the incredible fascinations
of a child

Like when my grocery cart
had a bumpy wheel
but that just meant
a more exciting ride 

Like when 2 tiny friends
went to see some fish
and I wasn't sure
they'd even be aware
of all they were seeing
but they loved it

Like the laughter
of my dear friend,
and what a gift
it is
to be her neighbor

Like the fact
that I can even be the one
to take my child

during the day 
to the aquarium

Like when I saw Daye
reach for Brooks' hand

And he let her grab it

And then hold it for a little

Like when we go for a walk
because it's sunny out
and she falls asleep

Like when we feed her meat sticks,
(who wants to eat meat sticks?)
and she LOVES them
and she doesn't even know 
how crazy her hair gets
after its been 
in pigtails all day

Like when every morning
we slide open the curtains
and find her standing there
with that lovey in her mouth
just waiting to see us
and get started with the day

Whatever it is
that's making me reflect
and feel sentimental
and come to a place
of intense affection,
I'm thankful
because this really is
a sweet spot to be


  1. Haha SHUT UP- Brody TOTALLY eats his lovey, too! He chews/sucks it all night long and greets us with a mouthful in the morning. It is disgusting and smelly and soggy all the time. But I love it.

    p.s. As for the rest of this post... so sweet.

    1. Bahahahaha!!! I love it!! The soggiest smelliest soother of all time! Makes me smile brody does it too!:)

  2. Feeling the EXACT same way in this season of life right now! So much joy and so much gratitude!!

  3. I love this. I am grateful for you! and your sweet family!

  4. Wow what a great and encouraging post to read this morning. I love my girls! Sal, you are the best mom in the world.

  5. Even though you have so much emotion in this post I read it like you were so calm and pleasant typing it. Such a special time for you, very happy for you!

    1. I'm so glad that's the way you read it...that does indeed describe it how it was typed:)