Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kony 2012

when Steve Larmey
was in town visiting
a group gathered
to talk about Africa.

We had all been
on a trip
with Young Life Africa Expeditions. 

Our hearts had been stitched together
by our experiences there.

We were sharing our desires
for others
to taste
what we'd been given the opportunity to
when we'd been
to Liberia,

He said something
that stuck with us
that now
we share with people.
He said,
"When people go to Africa
their lives
get wrecked."

It's true
that describes it perfectly.
When Tay and I went to Liberia
for the first time
in 2009
our lives
were wrecked.

And we have never
been the same.
We have never
been so thankful,
so eternally grateful,
to have our lives

Our prayer
has often been
that others lives
would be wrecked too.
it changes everything
in the most
brutiful way

I just found out
about Kony 2012.
It adds to the wreckage
of my heart.
I can't keep quiet.
I want your heart
to be wrecked too.
So, you'll join me
and amplify
this . . .

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