Thursday, March 1, 2012


My friend, Karin, is doing a wonderful "I'd like to teach you something, so I'm going to show you" lesson on sharing. 
Do you know that she is the major inspiration for me starting to blog? 
I got such a kick out of her when I first found her work. We knew each other in college, but, leave it to technology to now make it more than just "knowing" each other. I'm thankful for that!

Head on over to Rockit Photography see what she's GIVING AWAY . . . mad talent, that girl!

Her entry also makes me think, "Oh my! What kind of things am I about to have to practice myself as I teach my Daye?" 

it's coming . . . I know it is. 

until then we see what Daye thinks about sharing

share your money with me mama

uh, hey Brooks, whadda ya say you lemme see that fork?

fine i dont need the fork anyhow, i'll just push my pink buggy


oh whatcha playin with now?

i think maybe id like to see

aaaahhahahhhhahahahahahaha im comin!!!!!!!!

sometimes i need a break

Phelps: hey mom . . . would you tell daye to share her toys with me, too? she shouldn't discriminate just cause i have 4 legs and smelly breath and rip her toys to shreds.

Hey Brooks, nice to have ya over again. Spill your goldfish anytime. I'll help you clean 'em up.
oh, hey mom. Geeze! You're like some cweep who's always there when I turn around. 

we're just supporting each other in sharing his snack

mmmm mmmm mmmm! this one is just absolutely delectable!


  1. Hahah this is great. You write the best captions for all your shots of Daye. So much personality. : ) I am so thankful we're friends, too!

  2. The pic of the two of them staring at you is hilarious! love it!

  3. I love this last picture! She is like a doll baby!