Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How lovely are your branches

Christmas Tree Tradition 2010! 3 years ago we started a tradition with Anna and Ryan Reese to meet in early December and get our Christmas Trees together. This way we would always know that at least once a year, we'd see each other. Well, then, we took a hiatus for 2 years due to craziness of life - but this year, the Tradition was BACK ON!
We met in North Georgia where my parents live as a half way point and had a GREAT weekend together!
Here are a few pictures I had to steal from Anna's Blog (sorry for all you readers who also follow her:) since I still cannot find my camera charger.

Anna and Ryan (and a creep in the background) heading out for the day

Tay and Me getting ready to head out

Cweep and Me

We ate breakfast at the Batesville General Store to "Carb Load" for the long day

Sadly, on our drive to the tree farm it definitely started to rain - don't worry it was still 33 degrees outside

Tay and me in search of our great tree

Just happy to be almost dry and almost warm and almost done!

Just being Cweeps (In college we shared the upstairs of a house called Grannies. We actually shared a bedroom which meant we shared a bed which I thought meant that we should share everything else . . . Only thing was, I didn't tell her that's what I thought :)
So, sometimes when Anna was still sleeping, I'd rummage through her closet (our closet) and her dresser to see if there was anything she'd probably want me to wear that day. Then, one morning, she walked out of the bedroom to go to the bathroom and caught me red-handed! In my PJ's with one hand in her dresser drawers and the other hand holding a few options for the day. . . oops - caught! There were also times when it seemed like everywhere she turned, there I was - oops - a creep! There was also that one time after I moved out of Grannies and got married that she and Becca were going through their clothes. They pulled out one of Becca's sweaters and found a tiny little remanence of their long lost roomie - aka #1 Creep - a name tag that read, "Hello! My name is Sally Stanfill". Turned out you didn't have to share a room, bed, closet or upstairs with me to be a recipient of my Creep Shenanigans. So, we already called ourselves Grannies (due to the house we lived in), but we added another name to the pot - Creeps! Which morphed into Cweeps!)

We found our tree!

They found theirs!

Back home after the day - showing you what a Cweep does . . .

Ahh, Sunday morning when it wasn't raining! Here we are, about to say goodbye! What a GREAT weekend! We Love you!!!!


  1. under the pic with the caption "we found our tree" it looks like bootiful bukes is trying to sneak her little mitten hand out of your jacket! little "cweep" in training... :)

  2. Oh hilarious!!!! I love it! Cweep in Twaining