Thursday, May 3, 2012


I've basically dropped off the blogging face of the earth
This sunshine and warm weather gets us outside more
and this toddler(?!?!) who actually does toddle around
gets me off the couch more

Random thoughts for this Thursday:

I've been wanting to list our fun date nights (which I used to do such a good job of) so you would hear about more fun places you should go eat.

I've been wanting to share more food for thought on things I learned in counseling.

Daye has her first scrapes on her knees from the toddling that ends in falls on the pavement. Bukes said yesterday, "she needs some knee pads!" I may invest in some, who knows? :)

We are going to the Braves game again today! 2nd game of the season for us! How about that game last night?!?

I actually didn't see the game last night. I watched American Idol instead.
I love American Idol.
Holly is the ultimate creeper - in a good way . . . I like her more and more every week. But Philip Philips is still my favorite. Although, Randy calls him Phil Philips every week and I also say, "Randy, he doesn't go by Phil. He goes by Philip." But I guess it's easy to get tongue tied when someone has the same name for his first and last.

Did you know my dad's name is Stevie Stephens? It doesn't look as repetitive as Philip Philips. But it sounds it. Only it sounds like Randy would want it to sound. An abbreviated first name that is much like the last name.

And actually his real name isn't Stevie. It's George.

I love how right after I tell someone how much Phelps has calmed down, the next time I come home he has completely mutilated the wax paper dispenser box. All over the house. Even the sharp edge part that you cut your sheet off. He's still crazy. Who am I kidding.

I've been told that Daye reminds someone of Frankenstein when she walks. In the most loving way possible. I laughed so hard about that I almost peed my pants.
I may or may not have started to call her Frank.

Autocorrects when typing on my phone are also reasons to pee my pants. Some of my favorites:
(First word is what comes out from autocorrect, second word is what was intended.)
Faye - Daye
Ray - Tay
Jefferson - Beccs
Moneybags - moment
Bahamas - baaaaahahhahha
so for instance I could type a text to my sister saying, "Tell your kids that Aunt Sal and uncle Ray Ray love them"
and she could reply, "Who is uncle Ray Ray? That is creepy"
Then I could repsond, "Bahamas"
and she could reply, "What?"
and then I could be peeing my pants as I carefully try to spell, "baaaaaahahahaha I was trying to say baaaaaaahahahha because I was laughing about Ray. and then about bahamas  . . . "
you get the idea
utter confusion
but great blessings of unexpected laughter!

Now I'm off to the Braves Game.
I will post some pictures later!

If you've just wasted the last 5 minutes reading this post, I do apologize.


  1. oh man, jefferson we share some real sweet moneybags, eh? Bahamas!

  2. I love me some time with Sal, Ray and Frank!

  3. omg...i just laughed so hard at all these moments in time with you, Sal......Bahamas!!!!!! I love faye aka frank so much and you!!!!