Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Braves Fan

Remember how much we love the Braves?

Two games already this season!

Anticipating our next one hopefully soon! (Bots??? :)


Who's on first?

Whoa! Didya see that?!

B: "Here Daye, you can have one. But just one, ok?"
Ah, hurry up Mama. Take it already! Missing Bourne stealing second!

Fank you! Eyes back on the game.

Bots, Fanks so much for these tickets. I llllllooooovvvveeee coming to the game!
First Game for Brooks!

This is totally uncool to have our picture taken like we are tourists or something. At least my hat is backwards, that adds some hipness


Chop Chop! (pardon the pun) let's go, games gettin' started
Nice pitch

You see that guy run on the field like a crazy man and get tackled by the police? that's funny!

B: "Here let me get that Daye, just somfin on your face"

Man, it's pretty hot today! 

I think I'm about to fall asleep. Braves games wear me out. My mom always talks about how much she loves when that happens . . .? And Brooks is doing some sort of nanu nanu sign with his fingers.

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