Thursday, July 12, 2012

Headed to the beach!

Hard to believe Daye was only 3 months when we went to yabbadabbadebidooooo last year. Now I'm at the stage where I wonder how to answer, "How old is she?"
When they are little the answer is "5 days" then "10 weeks" then "9 months".
Now what do I say? "15 months" or "just over a year" or "approaching a year and a half?"

This year I am anticipating her running on the sand, dipping toes in the water, sitting in the wet shore, or maybe even going into the tiny waves, taking hard naps, jumping in the pool and eating real food with the grown ups at meal time. . . quite a change from last year when she just slept in her stroller and would nurse every now and then.

my how time flies.

I have found myself in an emotional state recently, literally holding off tears at how I want to freeze time and hold her gaze and memorize every detail of who she is all the while fighting the image that she is practically going to be in high school soon and driving and then graduating and then off to college
my my my

did I mention "emotional"?

Maybe it's because we are going somewhere that literally has been my favorite week of the year since I was old enough to start remembering. And now she is on her 2nd week there.  And realizing how one day she will be doing things that she used to do as a child and she may just be doing them with her own baby girl who is not such a baby anymore . . .

sweet pea

intense love


now for some debido throwback

jean shorts and tie dye . . . nice - 1993?

young debido love . . .  2004??




  1. Love the old pictures! But don't be too upset if she doesn't like the beach. Both my girls were terrified of the ocean at that age. Too big. Too noisy. Too gritty. But one day she will love it! Have a great time!

  2. Oh my gaaaah, that first picture is too much. I love JoBeth's pose. Classic.