Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daye's Days at Debido!

Well would ya look at that?!

Being on the beach makes me wanna do a high step!

Yup! C'mon guys! We got lots a sand to cover!

I think this belongs out there!

I love my Handley Reid and I love tutus and I love tiny sunglasses

Lizzie sure was a great big cousin to us, wasn't she Handley Reid!?

This is what I do when I hear music and my parents sing, "Dance Daye Daye Daye Dance Daye Daye Daye Dance!"

Beau walked me out to the beach a lot . . . he sure is sweet to me

Isn't Handley Reid the most stylish gal you've ever seen!? 

Man I love the beach!

Georgie Boy and Nana . . . where it all began!

tiny surfers

My Mama and Daddy

Beau and Handley Reid . . . my heroes!

Be Be RaBeauzo . . . This not gonna be good . . . Oh Yeah Baby!

The Eecie and Bots fam

Jumping outtake . . . Mama tried to take one with me . . . It was an appropriate time for Beau to say, "This not gonna be good!"

The whole gang for the week! Only we are still missing some!

Every morning I'd wake up early and find Georgie Boy rocking on the porch. We wore our hats together to keep the bright sun out of our eyes. He sings my kinda songs, "As you go through life, make this your goal: watch the donut not the hole!" and "Hippie Hippie Potamus took a ride upon a bus! All the ladies screamed and yelled, 'He's squashin' us! He's squashin' us!"

Just caught a killer wave, ma!

I love the sand! I love the sun! I love the waves! I love the people! I love it I love it I love it here!


  1. Oh my oh my oh my oh my. Bring that cute thing to my beach!!!

  2. nothing better than family and little kiddos at the beach!!!

  3. So so precious!!! Gorgeous family. So glad daye had some fun in the sun and sand!!!

  4. So cute!!!! looks like yall had a blast!

  5. Sal what great pictures!!! Daye is just getting so grown up!!!!! Looks like y'all had a blast!!!

  6. I love her bathing suits! They are adorable!