Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good Morning

Saturday morning we were rushed outside by Taylor in a frenzie with, "Hurry Sal! We don't want to miss out on this amazing weather. The mosquitos aren't swarming around like hawks at this time of day. COME ON!" lazily dawdled outside to our back patio to enjoy our coffee.
Taylor can be quite excitable. I can be quite slothful.
Makes a nice team, right?
Daye ate her breakfast and then meandered around the back yard going up and down the stairs and trying to sweep with a broom twice her size.
(which by the way, I started thinking about how it's called a broom but you sweep with it. Why are some things called what they do and others are not? For instance, you vacuum with a vacuum and mop with a mop but you sweep with a broom)

We walked up to the Sandy Springs market and spent the rest of the morning there. We had a bacon and egg pie, an alrnold palmer pop, and I got my knives sharpened. We LOVE the Sandy Springs Market!
Phelps also made a new friend. She was a beautiful little girl, probably around 4 or 5. I'm having trouble remembering her name now. Which is actually quite appropriate because she exposed one of my new favorite stories about Names.
When we asked her who she was with she said, "Gamarning" and we kept straining to hear and repeating in a questioning tone to make sure we pronounced it correctly.
Eventually her grandmother appeared. We shook her hand saying, "And you are Gamarning? Is that how you say it?" and she laughed and hugged her granddaughter and said, "When I used to come to her house every Sunday to pick her up for church I would get out of my car and say, 'Good Morning!' The older she got she began to associate me with, 'Good Morning' and so, she called me that from the time she could speak. And still, I am endearingly called, 'Good Morning'."

Don't you just love that?

and now I'm just pondering, What would my name be if people associated my words with my presence?
Oh right, I already know, it'd be 'Cweep'. Because when I appear it's not something lovely like greeting you for the day.

(this post is another reason why this blog title should be changed to


  1. Well, this explains why Brody always tells me, "I bwoom the fwoor" while he is sweeping. Sometimes those babies know what they are talking about.

    ...and that is the cutest grandmother story I have ever heard. And there you go making it deep and insightful. I think your name would be Deep, not Cweep.

    1. Ahhhhhhhhhh, cweep. Your creepiness is the most lovely thing. It is the best thing when I turn a corner and see your face there. Cweep sounds not lovely but it is truly so lovely and wonderful!!! Can't wait for Jackson to call you his "aunt cweep"... Just kidding I would never let him call you that. Loved this little post!!

  2. The Doster's would call you Mercy