Thursday, December 2, 2010

Date Night

Last night we went to House of Chan for Date Night. I must admit I've been craving Chinese food for a few weeks now, so this was an EXCELLENT way to appease me :).
Everyone at Tay's work has been talking about House of Chan, they LOVE it! It is off the beaten path and one we'd never heard of before, but it was DYNAMITE (that was for all the Grannies and Tay and Ryan)!
Who doesn't love being greeted by a free cup of hot tea and fried deliciousness?

(my camera is dead and I cannot find the charger :( so I took this with my phone which has no flash)

The food was great (enough for leftovers which is always a plus!), the fortune cookie read, "Forget about the stock market. Invest in family" which was highly appropriate, and the company - well, that's always the best ever.

I told Tay that although House of Chan was completely different than trendy Verasano's, it was ranking up there with my new favorite local family Chinese place.

Might I add that we did go on our date at 6:30 and were back in the car by 8:15pm?
We are creeping into the old folks category . . . or maybe we've been there for a while :)