Monday, December 6, 2010

Lots going on

We got our Christmas Tree last weekend! I will post more about it with pictures in a bit!

Just wanted you to know that Baby Bukes is MOVING! She is a busy little bee. I love it! The week we found out she was a she, I confirmed that what I was feeling inside was actually her little body shifting and stretching and rolling and punching and kicking! It's a pretty amazing miracle - one which I am incredibly thankful for!
This has been an amazing experience so far . . . and she's not even here yet!
I thought we should do a countdown for her arrival - since the countdown for her gender announcement was, you know, the most exciting thing all year!

Days til Baby Bukes is here:

Also, Tay and I are in the midst of picking out names and nursery. It's slightly overwhelming - but mostly exciting :)
The nursery - falling heavily lopsided on the exciting side - we got a dresser this weekend that we are going to also use as the Changing Table. It's a shaby chic look from a store near where my parents live. I LOVE it! KILLER deal!
We decided we are going to stay where we are for when she is born - at least until the end of July when our lease is up. That means our cute little 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom will be rid of a dining area and afresh with a nursery. Aubs is really helping me brainstorm and formulate a precious plan! I am quite adrenalized by it!

Don't worry there will be pictures of our creative space to come as well!
Tonight, Tay and I are going to Lenox just to enjoy the Christmas decorations and buzz.

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