Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So when my roomies were in town for Dave and Kate's Wedding we started talking about Flashmobs. It was an introduction of the new vocabulary word to Bukes and so we decided to look a few up so he could enjoy the amazing-ness of this awesome trend.
Yesterday, on twitter, I saw that Scoutmob (one of our favorite ways to do a discount date night) was having a Flashmob for Scoutmob today at 6pm!
Then, last night at Small Group we were talking about Heaven and how most likely there will be Flashmobs going on and they will be the best ever because everyone will be incredible dancers and you'll never have to practice because everyone will already know how to do the steps perfectly every time! And Bukes said, "Yeah and Jesus will be the one to yell out, "Flashmoooobb!"
. . . only, that's not really the case because no one actually yells out "Flashmob" to get it started :)
That's the wonder of it all . . . they just start with one person looking like a fool and then another joins in and then another and then before you know it a WHOLE train station or arena or park are doing the exact same dance at the exact same time and it's AMAZING!
So, I just wanted those of you who've never had the privilege of experiencing a Flashmob to be introduced to one of the things that truly brings me joy and makes me smile when I see it unfold - give it time if you are watching this as your first

p.s. if you want to get one going and need another member, I'M IN!!!!

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  1. YEAH flash mob!!! We have four people that knows ours so far, we got a lot of teaching to do! Love you Sal!