Monday, February 7, 2011

2 months!

Today is February 7. Next Month it will be March 7. The month after that will be April 7. Just in case you forgot, I am supposed to have a baby on that day . . .

This weekend I got to be with my nephew and niece at my parent's house! My sister was sweet to include Tay and me with all of their friends for Tombo's birthday celebration. It was so fun because 2 other couples have kids Beau's age and one couple is due with their 2nd in June - so he and Handley Reid will be around the same age as well. Anyone of my friends reading this post - GET TO WORK :)

I took my camera with good intentions of capturing my life as an aunt . . . and failed. But here are a few:

Look at sweet Handley Reid in her tutu and ballerina slippers :) Oh I love her! (and this bib is AMAZING!! Covers EVERYTHING!)

Beau loves McConnell. She told her parents she couldn't wait to see him; that he was her best friend :)

McConnell and Beau with Joby

And, my favorite picture of the weekend . . . George and Beau - on the infamous scooter -I believe this was taken before the big spill

Official countdown:
59 days!

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