Friday, February 11, 2011

Date Night - Fritti

I realize I should have probably started specifying each date night in the title because they are all starting to run together. So, from now on, you'll know where we went from the title.

Last night we went to Fritti. We had a Scoutmob (seriously, if you don't do scoutmob you are missing out! We go to so many new restaurants we never would: a. know about; b. try).
It's been fun to try a few restaurants over in the old 4th ward/Inman Park area.

Fritti is a pizzeria and it is delicious! It has the same make-up as Verasano's Pizza: thin crust, hot off the hearth, authentic. Unlike Verasano's they offer a wider variety of toppings. We got one with caramelized onions and some sort of fine bacon (mmm) and another with musrooms and truffle oil (Linds had told us all about the truffle oil). When they brought the pizza out we thought there was no way we could eat all of both, but, of course, we only came home with 1 piece for lunch today!
Once again we were there by 6:15 and headed home by 7:20 :). But we loved it!
If we were going to rank, I think we voted Verasano's as our favorite thus far.

At date night we talked about how I've been starting to feel more nervous these days. I am nervous about the nearing future, going into labor, experiencing labor (although as soon as they say the word epidural, I'm jumping on it!), holding her once she's born, feeding, sleeping, bringing her home, how things will change with Tay and me, how we will interact as a family, how we will navigate through this whole new world (can't help but sing the Aladdin song on a magic carpet ride!), etc.
I am just nervous. A lot of uncharted territory that is coming. . . she's coming and I'm not sure I'm ready.

It's getting closer - it's really happening - we are going to be parents. Of course I am excited beyond words, of course I cannot wait to hold her, of course I cannot wait to see Tay adore her and she adore him. Of course the joy is still so present about this new phase; but when being honest, I admit, that I am nervous at the same time.

Official Countdown:
55 Days!

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