Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Last week was "full" of receiving love from really really dear people in my life.
I want to elaborate on each one because they have meant so much to me, but I also don't want too much time to pass by post their departure!

So, here is my attempt at a quick run-down:

Tuesday January 25
A cercie package arrives from Trisha Holmes (Aubs' mother-in-law) so sweet!
Just some precious pink loveys to put in Baby Bukes' nursery

Wednesday January 26
Aub's Package Arrives
When I open the package I find this beautiful black box with the label, "Baby Bukes" . . .
When I open the black box I find this dear note to Baby Bukes from Aunt Aubs along with a sweet necklace for her to wear and the paint swatches.
Under the first layer is a note of instructions along with a cd to listen to as we decorate :)
Then I uncover what starts the dialogue between myself and Baby Bukes of "Oh my goodness!"
Below: Option #1 - Color scheme: Platinum, Pink and White - (More expensive)
A detailed rendering of the Nursery Nook using options designed by Aubs and perfectly displayed as how the room would look if we were to go with #1. . . AMAZING
Under Option #1 Rendering is Option #1's breakdown of actual items that are in the room. She literally went through and pulled out the exact pieces she drew in and documented them by price, picture and where I could buy/find them . . . seriously!? Isn't this an, "Oh my goodness!"
Then, I keep turning the pages and I discover Option # 2 - Color Scheme: Platinum, Pink and White - (Less Expensive). So, the same idea for the nursery, just less expensive options to pull of the same feel . . . seriously, "Oh my goodness!"
Option #2's breakdown!
Option # 3 - Color Scheme: Tan, Pink and White (More Expensive). Under it was the breakdown for this option!
Option #4 - Color Scheme: Tan, Pink and White (Less expensive). And of course, under neath this one was the breakdown!
Option # 5 - Color Scheme: Pink and White (More Expensive). And the next sheet held the breakdown!
Option #6 - Color Scheme: Pink and White (Less Expensive). And, you guessed it! Underneath was the breakdown for this option!
How amazing was all of that!?! The talent, the time, the effort the thoughtfulness, the sweet touches! It was SO exciting to open up and even MORE exciting to see what was actually inside and even MORE an opportunity for tears to flow at the sweetness of it all from my sweet pal Aubs! My pictures do NO justice! I wish you could see them all in person . . . simply amazing!
When I've not been able to fall back asleep in the middle of the night, I catch myself wanting to just come sit in the den and look through them all again . . . I just love it!
THANK YOU AUBS!! What a fun thing this has been for me to do this with you :)

Thursday January 27
Mattress Arrives from Claire! Thank you Birdie :)
I couldn't wait to get it on the crib! I didn't even take the wrapping off! Baby Bukes will be so thankful to have a place to rest her head :)

Friday January 28
Catie arrives from Houston

I unfortunately didn't take any pictures of her on Friday night to show her arrival :( But we had a little sleepover to make the most of our time - oh how we miss you Catie Girl! We went to Ria's Bluebird for breakfast Saturday morning, and NY Times wasn't lying: World's Best Pancakes!
Catie, you are a love to FLY in to help throw a shower! THANK YOU!

Saturday January 29
Anna arrives from Greenville
She and Ryan spent the night with us, watched Social Network, ate cookies, went to church, had their first try at Flying Biscuit and then helped me find a dress for the shower last minute before we had to make our appearance :) THANK YOU for making the trip in for the shower, Cweep! It was so special to have you here!

Sunday January 30
Love and friends and gifts arrive to baby shower.
The sweetest hostesses in the world: Hal, Catie, Linds and Kyle - THANK you GIRLS!!!!!!!!

This seriously was AMAZING! I felt SO loved! Precious precious precious! Every time I turned the corner there was something else that just captured my heart! Look at this sweet banner for Baby Bukes!
And these "Booties" filled with nuts (I had one friend who thought it was supposed to be baby bump:) Then I had to explain to Tay what a "bootie" was :)
The Shower was at Hal's house! Just perfect!Opening presents - Mama, "Eesie", gave me this beautiful matlesse and will put Baby Bukes' initials on it when we decide what her name is :)The Stanfill girls: Kerri, Claire, and Heather. Love you all - Baby Bukes is blessed to have you as Aunts and Birdies :)
A group shot before everyone started to leave! Thank you for showering us!!!!!!

Thank you Lord! I have been learning a lot about how hard and trying times - those we would not normally consider blessings in life - are those to be thankful for. However, we can still thank Him and praise Him for the things that are joyful and fun and tender and make us feel special - so for all of this past week and the people who've poured out their love to us, THANK YOU, Lord for these blessings!

Official Countdown:
63 Days!
(We're now in the single digit weeks left . . . 9 weeks, yikes!)

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