Monday, February 21, 2011

45 days left!

8 month picture courtesy of Hal!

I must admit that there is a slight increase in discomfort with each day that passes. We think we've decided on a name ("think" being the operative word here) but have decided to keep it a secret. It's funny, we have had so much trouble with this - I guess because we don't "know" her yet it's hard to be sure what she should be called. What we are thinking is her name now could change when she is born - we'll just have to see.

Had a great trip to Myrtle Beach this past weekend for the Marathon. You should read the journey of Tay's training leading up to the race here. It was such a great weekend filled with laughter, sunshine, the beach, friends and family! JoBeth and Tombo were gracious enough to host us at his grandparent's beach house in North Myrtle. It was so fun to be with both of them and with Beau and Handley Reid. Beau kept us quite entertained.
Taylor did amazing! I don't want to ruin anything he may post on his blog, so I'll leave it at I AM SO PROUD OF HIM! It is a pretty amazing thing to watch people run across the finish line of a 26.2 mile run. It's even more amazing when you've watched that person train and prepare and to see them push through to finish - it's tearfully inspiring. JoBeth and Tombo both said they want to run a marathon next year . . . I may even go as far to say after the inspiration from Saturday's race, I may want to run one at some point. But, I'm making no commitments :).

Here are some pics from the weekend! It was SO great!

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  1. that baby is a bumpin! such a cute basketball you have...looking amazing sal!!