Monday, February 28, 2011


This past weekend the Grannies went to Greenville to have a get-together before the baby comes! They were so sweet to plan this time for the 4 of us to just "be". It was perfect. Becca kept saying on Saturday, "This is the most perfect day!" We spent the weekend very low-key, just how we all liked it. We walked around town, helped Becca find some dresses for her upcoming wedding showers, took Scout (Anna's dog) for a long walk, got Mellow to eat at the house for supper, fell asleep before 10 either talking or watching Glee, caught up on how each other's hearts are really doing, laughed a lot, and even bought sweet baby bukes an outfit in which to come home from the hospital. (A hat, onesie, booties and blanket)
It was SO GREAT! Love my Grans and love our time together. We don't think we've done that, just the 4 of us, since before I got married - CRAZY!

Next time we see each other it will be either when Baby Bukes is born or when Becca gets married (May 21!). Looking forward to whenever it is and especially to our next reunion!

Favorite Pics from the weekend. Anna may have 1 of the 4 of us coming shortly. . .
Yes, they all have baby bumps. You can get your very own at your local maternity store. We did in fact ask the sales clerk to take a picture of all 4 of us and she confusingly asked, "So, are you all pregnant?"

Anna, Holland and Becca

Love you girls,

Official Countdown:
38 days!

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