Friday, March 4, 2011

Date Night-C'om

This week we had date night at C'om Grill in Dundwoody. We had a "meet and greet" with our future peiatrician at Dunwoody Pediatrics (whom we LOVED and are super excited about!) and so we went to C'om right across the street. It was delightful! It was authentic. It was a neighborhood joint. It was a great date! We ordered egg rolls for our appetizer (they were legit egg rolls, not frozen, mmmm I can still taste them) and Indochine KoBe Beef Bo' kho for our entree. In all honesty, I don't think we've ever been to a Vietnamese Grill, but we will be going back to this one! The owner knew every person that walked in the door. He was working the tables in the most pleasant way and invited us back for Salsa with the live band tonight! When I went to the bathroom (which happens every single time Tay and I are on our date night) and left Tay at the table by himself, a group of women walked in and as they were sitting down one of the women lifted up her shirt and said, "Look at the tummy tuck, girls!" He said he was quite uncomfortable! Hahaha! Seriously Lady, at a restaurant?
We finished off our date with a trip to starbucks across the street - cappuccino for me, latte for Bukes and a coffee cake to share. Starbucks was surprisingly quiet so we were able to get two comfy chairs in a corner and leisurely wind down (decaf drinks, you know).
I really love our time on our dates. Even if there is nothing profound that we talk about, just getting to be one-on-one intentionally is a gift I treasure. I love my Bukes!
I didn't have my camera for a picture, but I am thinking as I type this that pretty soon I will be posting pictures of Baby Bukes! 5 weeks left - Holy Stinking Cow!

The nursery is still a work in progress, but coming together! We put up the curtains Wednesday night and it really helps make it seem like a little nook. I also picked up all my children's books from storage (have no idea where I will put all of them, but sooo excited to have them! I can't wait to read to her). And, I started making the ceiling puffs! Here are a few glimpses . . . remember "A-Work-In-Progress!"

Official Countdown:
34 Days!


  1. Sheesh, I'm uncomfortable even reading about the tummy tuck lady! Man, what bad seating for you guys. Your ceilings puffs are divine!


  3. Love the ceiling puffs! Looking great, can't believe she'll be here soon =)