Thursday, March 10, 2011

28 Days!

I usually end the posts with the Official Countdown, but when I woke up yesterday and saw that we were now in the "20's" I let out a sharp gasp! Today marks the official 36 weeks! Only 4 more to go! 28 days to be exact. Although, over the last few days I have learned of at least 5 women who went into labor and had the baby anywhere from 5 weeks to 1 week early. All of them have been early. Anna asked me yesterday, "do you think God is preparing you for the fact that your baby girl will come early?" My response is I think He is preparing me that she will NOT come early :) Don't want to get in the mindset that she will be coming early because it will make these days even longer. The Dr. told me a few weeks ago to expect the due date or at least a week later. They will not let me go past a week - so, if she's not come yet by April 14, they will induce. I go to the Dr. again tomorrow and apparently it's a "big" appointment. From here on out I go to the Dr. every week. Which means, only 4 more times to the Dr. . . it's quite surreal!

I spent this week doing some really fun things:
- Sunday my sister and sister in-laws threw me a Baby Shower! It was precious and thoughtful and so fun! I loved every second of it. Everyone has been SO kind during this time. I am so appreciative. I could kick myself because I didn't take an pictures. I had my camera and everything - should have given it to someone to snap the day, but failed. boooo!!!! maybe someone got some?

- I washed all of her clothes, blankets, towels and sheets in baby laundry detergent! I woke up excited each day to pull her things out of the dryer and fold them - they are soooo tiny and sweet!

- I finished the ceiling puffs! I LOVE them! What do you think?
- I packed my bag and her bag for the hospital :) Why not just be prepared, right?

Tonight is Date Night with Tay! I am excited to see where we go/what we do - he's taken all the planning reigns on this one.

We did use Scoutmob for The Sound Table. Don't judge by the website. It was GREAT and far exceeded our expectations! Quite an eclectic place in the Old Fourth Ward. But absolutely everything we had was delicious! We got the Cheese Plate Special, the Autumn Salad and the Bacon Burger with Frites . . . mmmmmm, can't wait to go back! Love Scoutmob!!! We finally got a picture at the restaurant.

Just for giggles:
Official Countdown:
28 Days!


  1. LOVE the puffs! Nice work =) Can't wait to meet that sweet baby girl!

  2. I remember washing all those itty bitty clothes. I just wanted to jump into my laundry basket and snuggle them. And I am so impressed with your puffs- that looks amazing!