Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amazing Talent

So, I was hesitant to post pictures featuring yours truly, but I have to brag on my pal, Hal, and her amazing talent! She took these Pregnancy Pics for us on February 27 (which was around week 34). She will also be taking some Newborn Nimages (wanted to have the alliteration factor I was able to have with "Pregnancy Pics" so just know that when you say, "Nimages" it stands for "Images") once our little bundle arrives! I cannot wait to see and be able to post precious pics of our little girl - C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

I did just have the fleeting thought, "What if she ends up being a boy?!?"
And then I pictured her/him in the Nursery Nook (see I like alliteration) with all the pink . . . if it ends up being a boy, he'll survive. It's highly unlikely, but I have heard of Dr.'s making mistakes when they determine fetuses are girls - they don't make a mistake when they determine fetuses are boys, if you get the "Nimage" :).

So, on to the pictures!
Head on over to Hal's blog to check out more amazing pictures she's taken through the ages! You should totally contact her if you want some serious skill (alliteration again) ((and again)) :)

p.s. Her name is not actually "Hal". Her name is Hailey. However, she sometimes is called, "Hales" by friends. One time her name was typoed in an email. The email was supposed to read, "Hales house" and it came out "Hals house". And, from that moment on, she inherited the nickname, "Hal". Mostly because I love to imagine her as a "Hal" and secondly because it rhymes with "Sal" and thirdly we are "pals"!

ok, enough jabbering already - pictures for your perusing pleasure (seriously, I'm some kind of Amazing Alliteration Animal!)

and the sweet Big Brother! He did great at first, but after a while we had to put him inside to not distract the photographer.

after putting him inside we looked over and discovered this :)

Official Countdown:
23 Days!


  1. I love these pics!!! Now I also want to see pics of the nursery nook!!!!

  2. I love your dress!!! You are beautiful!

  3. Awesome dress- yay for beautiful maternity pictures! You will be so glad to have these.