Tuesday, May 15, 2012


had a little vacation at birdie and poppie's for the last 2 weeks! 

it was fun exploring in their cabinets

and drawers

and dog beds.

I mostly loved swimming in their pool! "Really, Daddy?!! I really get to swim today?! Oh Boy Oh Boy!!"

At one point we had 5 dogs there!

It was a lot of entertainment for me.

We went to watch a bike race in Sandy Springs. "Ew, why does that man have on such tight stretchy pants?"

We had lunch with Nana and Granddaddy and Eecie one day

Brooks and I went to the Children's Museum!

We loved it!

Well would 'ya look at that?!

 I rode a tractor
We explored in the grocery store

I found some goggles and decided to wear them the rest of the day 

We drove a huge delivery truck!

We walked through tunnels

We went down slides!

Mom finally let me take a goldfish break

But not before she made me wear this ridiculously large police officer outfit

We are getting vvvveeeerrryyyyy sleepy

We went out to brunch Saturday for Mother's day. I ate more goldfish.

Who can stick the most in their mouth?!?!!??

I can! I can!

Uh, not cool Mom. 
My mom loves looking back and seeing these toes!

See ya later!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the pic of Uncle George and Aunt Beth and Alice. Miss your fam!

  2. SO fun, I love that age where they are engaging and showing you they really like their environment. She is looking more like you! Hope you all are doing awesome in Atlanta. Say hi to those guys in the bike shorts for us, haha!