Thursday, May 24, 2012

Date Night - Steel Canyon and Smash Burger and Phillip Phillips

Last night Ray and I went on a date.

It was awesome.

We played golf.

We played at Steel Canyon, a par 3 course right up the road we never knew existed.
We had a great time.
As Ray was checking in at the club house I literally pulled some spider webs off my head covers.
It had been a long time.

I had some terrible shots.
I mean awful.
A wiff here or there.
A few only making it inches from where I took my swing.
I also had a some good ones.
Ones that made the right sound.
Ones that actually lifted off the ground.
One that even rolled right up to the same spot as Ray's.
And on one hole
I made a par.
And Ray made a bogey on that one.
It was delightful.

I actually have golf shoes too.
I wore them.
These are the shoes that took me close to 2 hours to decide on.
My family has never let me forget it.
They are still as clean as the day I purchased them.
Or actually, my dad purchased them.
Good thing I took so long to decide on them
Since I use them so often.
But man! Did they look good.
And squish good on those greens.

I drove the cart.
I love driving the golf cart.
Sometimes more than playing.

The date took us back to high school.
Ray and I played golf quite a bit in high school.
At Indian Hills.
With Reid and Emery.
And Daddy, too.
Choctaw, Cherokee, Seminole.
Did you know Ray and I went to high school together?
Did you know we dated in high school?
Another story.
Another time.
A great great story,
for another time.

After golf
we went to Smash Burger
We have 5 burger joints within walking distance from our house.
We've walked to 2 so far.
Smash Burger was good.
Not as good as Five Guys.
We sat outside.
We talked about how he introduced me to ketchup.
Well, not actually introduced me,
but, stuck with me long enough to see the process of deciding I would finally try it.
Then finally decide to like it.
There's a pattern here,
have you caught it?
I take a long time to make decisions
about very unimportant things
like golf shoes
and ketchup.
And eating my steaks less than well done.
And actually dipping my chips in salsa.

After Smash we walked to another burger joint,
And we got a sundae.
With hot fudge
and nuts.
And shared it and loved it and decided it had taken us far too long to decide that McDonald's offers reasonably priced dessert.
Dollar Menu Ice Cream Sundaes are the best.

of course
we watched American Idol finale
and it was awesome.
I could have given or taken a few of the performances
but to see the top 12 come back together
and sing together
and picture them having so much fun together
and then to see some of them perform with legends
and then to see Phillip Phillips
get all choked up
and not be able to carry on
my new favorite song, "Home"
and just collapse into his family's arms
I just loved it
I may or may not have watched it again this morning.
Just to see the end again.
And if you haven't watched it yet
I do apologize for just ruining the results.

Another random post.
Good thing I have an outlet somewhere

And, here are my golf shoes

lovely, right?

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  1. This is Ray...I loved this post. I'm actually listening to Phillip Phillips right now in my headphones (I love music in headphones cause it draws you in). He's singing Stand By Me which is perfect for reminiscing about our date night and my wonderful wife. I LOVED our date night! Let's keep those up. I'm a very rich man!