Thursday, June 7, 2012


Remember how I love meat?
Apparently Daye does too.
She tried ribs the other night.

She loved them.

She asked Daddy to please remove his hands

So she could enjoy them herself

She worked a long time

But eventually licked the bones pretty clean

 And even asked for "more"

Apologies if this grossed you out :)


  1. I love how girly Daye is! Even when chowing down on ribs she is sooo girly!!! what a cutie!!! (and I can't blame her or you, I love wings and burgers and pepperoni pizza. One of my friends always says "you are one of the girliest friends I have but boy do you love some dude food" ha)

  2. Like a champ! : ) How can she still be so beautiful while cleaning a bone of meat? I just love her name btw.

  3. Could she be any cuter? And I mean seriously, so girl!