Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Aunt Holla came for a visit. 
I moved to a new car seat and am looking like a seriously big girl!

I went to the Children's museum with Leeland, 

Eecie came too!

You can tap dance there,

and wear bike helmets,

and run away from the adults,

and play pretend grocery store,

and drive tractors.

Eecie also saved for such a long time my mom's old American Girl doll, Kirsten from 1854. I'm so glad my mom remembered to pull her out a few weeks ago because I LOVE her! She was wearing too many wool aprons and petticoats and bonnets, so, I asked my mom to put her in some summer clothes. But Mama doesn't have any summer clothes for my new doll. So, she put her in one of my newborn outfits that looked real tiny. Only it isn't tiny on Kirsten. It's really big. But so much better than those wool clothes that made me feel stifled. Also Mama had to braid her hair. It used to be very long apparently and in two braided pig tails. But now it's shorter and uneven.  Once when my mom and aunt Sifter were young, they decided to chop off all their American Girl Doll's hair. My mom said she's not sure what happened?

I went to visit my Nana and had a real nice time running around fast and practicing "Bye Bye". I finally took a break at one point to look at Nana's keys so my Mama snapped this photo real quick. Then I got to running back around even quicker. 

Granddaddy also took me for a ride at Publix. Or maybe I should say I took him for a ride. Since I drove and all. And I may or may not still be in my PJ's. 

We went to a Gender Reveal Party to see what my new Stany cousin will be! 

She's going to be a GIRL! and her name will be Claire Harper Baldwin!

Norah and I went to swing after the big news!

Argh! My mom still has to hold me on this swing - not cool!  She thinks it's all fun and cute and I think, 'moooommmmm, Norah gets to swing by herself!!! I thought you said I was a big girl and all cause I'm in a bigger car seat and stuff?! What's the dealio???'

Norah is my pal!!

We also celebrated my new soon-to-be-pal of my mom's pal, Hal!

From the looks of it, you may think she's having a boy . . . but we won't know til s/he arrives!


  1. were you feeling stifled by the dolls clothes or was the doll? ha! I love it, sort of reminds me of how you like certain movies because of the lighting! Daye you are too cute!

  2. i just love it as always (even when i'm too lazy to comment- which is 90% of the time)!