Friday, May 25, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

There is so much I want to copy and paste from this book . . . I am truly relishing it.
Phrases such as,
"All is Grace"
"All is Well"
"deep seeing"
"the remedy is in the eye"
"I pay tribute to God by paying attention"

But for now
I will share some of my list to urge you to start one as well . . .

1. Sweet sounds of a child
2. Rays (not the husband, the sun's) through the window
3. Dreams of a dog
4. Shades on the leaves
5. Fun day trip to Athens
6. Car ride with Aunt Peggy
7. Time of Joy with Mama
8. Lunch with Land
9. Joy-filled Daye
10. Bird chirping waking me up
11. Tay feeding Daye breakfast so I can sleep in
12. Sunshine
13. Friend's being pregnant
14. Baylor's heart checking out healthy from the Dr
15. Daye napping
16. Daye playing peek-a-boo
17. Laughing at Momastery
18. Golf Date with Ray
19. Phillip Phillips winning American Idol
20. Lunch with Linds
21. Honest feedback from a friend on what it's like to be on the other side of me
22. The book, One Thousand Gifts
23. Daye sleeping til 8:30 this morning

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